Featured Artist: COFRESI

Hailing from Chicago, COFRESI pushes the boundaries of modern digital production with a hybrid style melding together aspects of Electronica, Glitch, Soul, Trap, Dubstep and Future Bass. He creates a versatile sound that’s provocative, melodic and heavy hitting. 


Check out COFRESI’s EPK for full contact info.


Pharrell Williams Featured On “The Collaborators” Fourth Episode

Neptunes lady-killer Pharrell Williams is featured on the fourth episode of The Collaborators. Pharrell speaks of the moment where he met the robots at a Madonna party, where he offered his services even by playing tambourine. After explaining to them that he was “at this Nile Rodgers place” they decided to bring him into the production. “They wanted to go to a place where the liveliness of music moved people”.

Pharrell goes to explain that his ideal place to listen to “Get Lucky” would be with his girlfriend at a beach.
“This music is beyond 3D, it’s like 4D – it’s in your mind”, Pharrell says, “people lost respect for the groove, everything is so synthetic, its just missing the gut”.

Pharrell describes Daft Punk as a gift to humanity, when asked where he thinks the robots will go next, Pharrell answers “Up,” without hesitation. “That’s where they belong. We’re lucky they hang out on the planet. They could just get back on the spaceship that brought ‘em here. But they chose to stay.”

If you missed the preview at Coachella or during SNL, check out the video and tell us what you think.

The robots are most definitely bringing soul back to EDM.