Wendy Williams Ridicules Pasquale Rotella, Attacks Electronic Dance Music

Wendy Williams, the talk show host who recently interviewed Trance legend Armin Van Buuren, took a cheap shot at Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella, urged Holly not to marry him, and bashed the EDM culture yesterday on her show.

Pasquale was allegedly using the money to throw rave parties at the LA Coliseum. Most of you are well acquainted with rave parties… these rave parties are huge with the kids, they take drugs. I mean the loopy doopy, listening to repetitive music, like the EHH EHHH EHHH all night and they’re high and they’re sweating...Holly it’s not time to marry him.

Section about Pasquale begins at 06:37

Hard Dance artist, Lady Faith, took it upon her self to reach out to Wendy via her Facebook.

lady faith

After the incident Pasquale tweeted to Wendy inviting her to EDC Vegas as his guest so she can get a feel for what we’re really about.

pasquale wendy