Daft Punk Releases Lead Single ‘Get Lucky’

The long awaited return of the robots is officially OVER after 8 long years. After many teases they finally release the lead song on their new album, ‘Get Lucky’ and I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say, FINALLY!

As we expected from all the teasers the song definitively has a lot of soul and funk behind it. Not much more can be said that hasn’t been said already but the robots most certainly did an amazing job picking Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers for the track.

Buy your copy on iTunes and listen for your self.


Run DMT’s ‘Into The Sun’ Remix Pack Released Via Play Me Records

Run DMT has released their two track remix pack under Play Me Records yesterday. The pack includes the two remixes by Singularity and Brillz who have made the track into their own.

The Brillz remix is a very upbeat track, not really your typical trap sound. The Singularity remix, on the other hand, takes a more down tempo route.

Paul McCartney Explores Electronic Sounds, Moombah To Be Exact

Sir Paul McCartney seems to have gotten the moombah bug. According to Spinproducer Mark Ronson has confirmed that the ex-beatle is experimenting with electronic sounds, moombah-style sounds to be exact. “He came in one day playing some post-Bonde do Role baile funk-moombahton thing, asking, ‘How do we get this kind of energy?’ And then he played me ‘Climax’ by Usher, and he was like, ‘I love where all the sonics sit in this'”.

Pretty Lights To Release New Album, “A Color Map Of The Sun”

After two years the wait is over, Pretty Lights is coming out with a new album, “My new album is awesome. I’m really proud of it. It’s the first record I made without any vinyl samples,” he told Billboard in an interview backstage at Coachella.

Pretty Lights went on to say that he spent an entire year in studios across the country with over 50 musicians and vocalists to piece together his own vinyl collection. “I tried to emulate exactly how it would have been recorded in all these different time periods, [from] the 40s to the 70s, and pressed it all to vinyl. After the first year, I had a big stack of records that I could dig through and create an album from. It was close to the same way that I would approach it before but now the records were my own compositions instead of ones that I had dug and found at flea markets and record store”.

For this album Pretty Lights worked with a variety of people like The Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans and a bunch of old blues and soul singers from New Orleans. One person he worked with passed away a few months after working on the album, “It was really unfortunate, but he was an amazing character“.

Along with the new album Pretty Lights will be releasing a documentary to go along with the album, “It’s really cool because it shows all these characters that I worked with and composed music with and it’s pretty interesting.” In addition to the documentary, the album will feature a music video for every song. “This is the first time I’m actually releasing vinyls and CDs and stuff like that and the packaging. The record exists across all kinds of artistic medians”.

Though the album is set to be released in the summer, a song from the album will be released in the next few weeks.

Who’s ready for some new Pretty Lights?

Pharrell Williams Featured On “The Collaborators” Fourth Episode

Neptunes lady-killer Pharrell Williams is featured on the fourth episode of The Collaborators. Pharrell speaks of the moment where he met the robots at a Madonna party, where he offered his services even by playing tambourine. After explaining to them that he was “at this Nile Rodgers place” they decided to bring him into the production. “They wanted to go to a place where the liveliness of music moved people”.

Pharrell goes to explain that his ideal place to listen to “Get Lucky” would be with his girlfriend at a beach.
“This music is beyond 3D, it’s like 4D – it’s in your mind”, Pharrell says, “people lost respect for the groove, everything is so synthetic, its just missing the gut”.

Pharrell describes Daft Punk as a gift to humanity, when asked where he thinks the robots will go next, Pharrell answers “Up,” without hesitation. “That’s where they belong. We’re lucky they hang out on the planet. They could just get back on the spaceship that brought ‘em here. But they chose to stay.”

If you missed the preview at Coachella or during SNL, check out the video and tell us what you think.

The robots are most definitely bringing soul back to EDM.