Is It The End For IDentity Festival?

Last week, rumors began circulating after a flyer with Identity Festival’s 2013 line-up began floating around various social media sites. Turns out, not only is the line-up fake, but ID Fest will more than likely not be returning to the US this year after all.

Identity Festival hit the states back in 2011 and was known as the first touring festival that featured only electronic music. The tour hit over 19 cities in its first year and featured headliners such as Kaskade, Pretty Lights, Rusko, Avicii, Steve Aoki, among others. Then, in 2012, ID stopped in 15 cities and brought artists such as Arty, Bingo Players, Eric Prydz, Excision, Hardwell, and more.

While many were hoping for yet another year of the touring festival, it seems as though Identity has reached its end. While there hasn’t been an official statement regarding the festival’s demise, Neha Modi, manager of the festival’s Twitter account and digital director for Synergy Global Entertainment, had this to say on her own personal Twitter:


The festival’s bio said the following: “OFFICIAL Twitter of IDENTITY, which was the first ever touring electronic only festival from 2011-12. Account was managed by @nehamodi.” As you can see, the bio is written in past tense, which doesn’t look good for ID’s future. Also, both the festival’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have had no activity since December. Modi later told her followers that “whatever you read, it’s not true,” meaning that any so-called “leaked line-ups” are not to be taken seriously.  Other people, like Jonah Berry of Infamour PR, have also chimed in on the matter saying that they have yet to hear anything about the festival’s return.

With all this being said, and the fact that at this time last year tickets were already on sale, I think it’s safe to say that Identity Festival is over for good.

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