Will.I.Am Rips Off Arty & Mat Zo’s “Rebound”

By now you’ve all probably heard the news, Will.I.Am has ripped off “Rebound” from Arty and Mat Zo for his fourth studio album, “#willpower”. Earlier today, Will’s VEVO uploaded  “Let’s Go” which is the fifth track on his new album featuring Chris Brown. The preview has caused quite a ruckus as it appears that Will has ripped off not just a sample of “Rebound” but the entire track.

Listen to Arty and Mat Zo’s Rebound and compare for your self.

Arty took to twitter today expressing his concerns about the song being used without the rights being cleared by Anjunabeats, who owns the rights for “Rebound“.

“They never cleared rights with Anjunabeats, who’s only one label, who owns the rights for “Rebound”, says arty, “Now I see why Mat left twitter, cause he couldn’t handle shit like this”.

Anjunabeats label head Juno Grant also took to twitter saying, “Poor form by Will I am nicking @mat_zo and @arty_music ‘s track “Rebound” without asking the artist or label @anjunabeats ! #dotherightthing”.

Although we all dislike the fact that the song was ripped, Mat Zo and Arty will surely receive a good payday from all of this.


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