Get LUCKED UP During WMC!!

Lucked up flyer

Winter Music Conference, also known as Miami Music Week, is quickly approaching! With that being said, there is definitely no shortage of parties that have already been announced. One of them is Lucked Up, presented by Risc Business and Jump Up, which takes place on none other than St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th). It has already been deemed as the official kick off party for WMC, and with its vast array of headliners, it’s sure to not disappoint. But there is something very special about this party. Corynne Burrows, owner and founder of Risc Business, has worked with many event companies before, including Evolve Group (based out of Orlando, FL), but for the first time ever she’s stepping out on her own. For your first event to be an official WMC/MMW party is nothing short of a fairy tale for those who are in this business. People strive for years, just to get to this point, but this chick came out with guns blazing and ready to make an impact on the scene. “All I’ve ever wanted to do was throw big ass parties with all my friends,” says Corynne about her inspiration for all of this.

“Risc is my brainchild. I’ve been going over this business plan for four years. I wanted to come out and make a permanent impression, something that lasts forever. I’ve learned so much by working with all of these different companies, and I plan to put every positive thing I’ve learned into Risc. I waited, and then Lucked Up came to my mind. Everything has fallen into place beautifully with this show. I don’t do bad business, and I hold my word; that has helped me build a lot of great connections. Risc is an event management company, a marketing company, a pairing company for people who are looking for collaborations, and soon we will be beginning the fashion end of the spectrum. The slogan “For The Elite, The Enlightened… The Chosen Ones” comes from my idea to make this community more beautiful than it already is. To bring this community as much joy as it has brought me. Those who understand that there is no greater feeling than being a part of a massive crowd, singing your heart out with thousand of others are ‘The Elite, The Enlightened… The Chosen Ones.’”

With passion and determination like that, you are bound to reach nothing short of greatness; you just need the right people to believe in you. Also, having a bunch of big ass headliners, like Lucky Date, Congorock, The Disco Frigs, Torro Torro, Candyland, Alvaro, AK1200, Bare, Getter, XKore, etc., definitely doesn’t hurt. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll all be hearing from Risc Business for many years to come. Now who’s ready to get Lucked Up?!

– Kochie


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