Tritonal To Release New 3 Song EP “Metamorphic I”

Tritonal are back with a life-inspired, 3 track EP entitled “Metamorphic I”–the first in a 3 EP series to be released throughout the year. With a little bit of something for everyone, the EP describes a journey to a place of darkness, giving some much needed depth to today’s dance music. I think everyone will relate to the personal meaning behind the lyrics.


“Our musical philosophy has always been about challenging ourselves and resisting expectations,” says Dave. “With the new EP, we wanted to display our growth as artists and take listeners on that journey with us.”

The new EP is due to release on March 25th under Enhanced featuring artists such as UK newcomer Mark Underdown and Meredith Call. The lead single off the EP, ‘Bullet That Saved Me,’ drops just in time for festival season on March 11 and showcases a fresh, heavy-hitting sound from Tritonal with the male vocals of UK newcomer Mark Underdown. Balancing out the radio-friendly, dance floor energy of ‘Bullet That Saved Me’ is ‘Bring Me Home’ featuring Meredith Call, a soothing lullaby complete with the sparkling melodies of a backup orchestra reminiscent of the pair’s trance roots. Fans will remember Meredith’s ethereal vocals from ‘Broken Down,’ a track off of Tritonal’s debut artist album Piercing The Quiet that entered into the top 5 on Beatport’s trance chart. Finally, Underdown reprises his vocal stylings on ‘Deep Into Black,’ a piano-driven chillout track with a deep lyrical subtext.

Metamorphic I is absolutely a personal record,” says Chad. “If you explore the song titles and lyrics, you’ll uncover the meaning of the EP as a whole. I think many listeners will relate to it.”

To listen to the preview of “Bullet That Saved Me” click here

1. Bring Me Home ft Meredith Call
2. Bullet That Saved Me ft Underdown
3. Deep Into Black ft Underdown

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