So I just recently went over the amount of money that some Miami clubs are making, and it actually threw me off just a little bit. Some places that I though should be on the list, were not even there, and some clubs, for as much as they tout themselves, are so far down the list I almost missed them. So that brings me to today’s blog subject. Are we paying to much to go out to the club??? Here is the list of clubs, their rank and how much money they earned last year:
#5 LIV, Miami-$35-45 Million
#14 Mangos, Miami-$25-35 Million
#22 Clevelander, Miami $15-25 Million
#26 Mansion, Miami-$10-15 Million
#32 SET, Miami-$10-15 Million
#54 Wall, Miami-$10-15 Million
#65 Space, Miami-$5-10 Million (I KNOW I WAS SHOCKED TOO!)
#66 Passion-Hollywood-$5-10 Million
#68 Cameo, Miami- $5-10 Million
#78 Gryphon, Hollywood- $5-10 Million (again, SHOCKED)
#92 Dream, Miami-$5-10 Million
So here is the part that got me thinking. I go to a pretty known place called Chalk Miami, where for a few bucks, I can enjoy a nice cold beer, play pool or ping pong, and there is no cover charge to get in. They have this thing they do called FREE Bass and the crowd there, in my opinion, are the best people ever. They have had acts like DJ Icey, Baby Anne, and some serious legends of house play there, without compromise. So tell me big clubs, what is in it for me??? I mean, I know what’s in it for you. The people line up rain or shine, wait in a massive line, pay anywhere from 20.00-100.00 (more if the bouncer feels like it. What? You know they shake people down) then when you are in, you are pretty much forced to buy a high priced bottle that lasts you four drinks, the “High Society” people are walking around snubbing their nose at you, and now they apparently control how much time a DJ gets to play these days. So why do we get all dolled up and do this to ourselves each and every weekend??? Some say it is for the music, some say it is for the drugs, and some say it is knowing you will have a good time in spite of it all. Whatever it is, it will be interesting to see where this goes next year with places like Story, that just popped up, will be on the list…. And can I say that for the price we pay, would it kill some of these bouncers to NOT be so ignorant??? And clubs, switch up the music every now and again. You guys have gone into this “safe” mode, which means that returning artists are no longer a joy to see because many of them come and do the same damn set over, and over, and… well you get the hint. At the end of the day, there is a larger and larger population that are asking the question, is the price of admission worth it this weekend? And more people, not surprisingly are saying NO!!! They are opting to go to more low key places, like the before mentioned Chalk Miami, and get more bang for their buck… So get it together high priced, overstated clubs!!

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