From Egypt to Miami: Aly & Fila



On January 18th, 5 minutes before 2am, Fadi better known by his stage name Fila who’s one half of the legendary Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila appears behind the decks and prepares to take the massive crowd that has gathered at the Trance Loft in Club Space Miami through a three hour journey consisting of nothing but the most pure trance sounds the world has got to offer, this is the moment we had all been waiting for!  The clock stroke 2am and it was go time, Aly & Fila hit play on the cdj’s and just at that moment massive amounts of energy were dispersed among the crowd and the Egyptian flag rose high up in the air! Their set kicked off with 30 minutes of powerful progressive tunes that made it nearly impossible to stay still, as time went by you could feel the BPMs rising & the melodies getting as emotional as they possibly could, I myself could not help but close my eyes & feel the music uplift my soul. The track selection was nothing short of amazing, from their classic ‘We Control The Sunlight’ to the current mind blowing tune praised by uplifting fans across the world ‘Photographer – Airport’.  The peak of the night hit two hours into the set when Fila dropped Giuseppe Ottaviani’s remix of ‘Paul van Dyk Ft. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve you’ and everyone in the crowd sang a long in perfect harmony. The beauty continued towards the end of their set when they dropped the Above & Beyond classic, ‘Satellite’ which transitioned to one of their biggest tunes yet, Aly & Fila’s uplifting mix of ‘Fireisland’. Aly & Fila definitely showed everyone who attended what trance music is all about, the beauty, the feelings it can arouse. It was one of the most magical nights I have ever experienced & it was all thanks to the hard working team at Committee Entertainment who made such an unforgettable experience possible! All in all I hope every trance music lover one day has the chance to experience Aly & Fila live like we all did last Friday night, it’s something someone should never pass on! 


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