Sunset Music Festival Returns to Tampa in 2013!


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or this is your first year attending, you can preview the magic of Tampa’s premier electronic music event, Sunset Music Festival as this year’s 2013 trailer is now released! Get to experience first-hand what you can expect when you join Disco Donnie Presents and Sunset Events, Saturday, May 25, 2013 at Raymond James Stadium! This year, we celebrate the Egyptian sun god, Ra and will feature a top-notch sound and visual experience for all of their guests!

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Magnetic Music Festival

magnetic music festival

Disco Donnie is at it again! For the first time ever, Disco Donnie Presents will be teaming up with Liquified to bring you Magnetic Music Festival. This multi-stage festival is set to take place in Atlanta, GA, home of Liquified, on April 20th of this year. But what makes this festival so different from all the other festivals that are popping up all around us now a days? According to sources, this event will not only be held at a new 88-acre state-of-the-art complex, Kennesaw State Sports and Recreation Park, which includes a 16,000 person stadium equipped with a very expansive stage, but will also bring you an exclusive 3D design at the Forcefield Main Stage, brought to life by video mapped visuals. The state-of-the-art production that will go into this pretty unique experience was made especially for MMF, everything down to the sound, stage designs, and lighting. All this, along with an already amazing line-up (seen below), is sure to make this festival incredible.

Even though this is DDP and Liquified’s first time joining forces, it was a partnership that was bound to happen. Liquified, founded by Damian Murphy, can also be known as the pioneer in bringing EDM to Atlanta, but their history doesn’t stop there. Dating all the way back to 1989 in Manchester, England, Liquified has had their hands in the Miami scene, as well as Orlando (FL), Charlotte (NC), and Greensboro (SC), before finally settling down in ATL. DDP on the other hand is award winning and world renown when it comes to EDM event production. With over 10,000 events in over 100 countries all over the world, the only way you haven’t heard of Disco Donnie is if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 19 years. Damian Murphy himself says it best: “Dance music culture has exploded globally, and we are proud to have been at the forefront of this scene. Joining forces with Disco Donnie Presents is a natural partnership, which allows us to bring this amazing new festival experience to Liquified’s home base.” With such a dynamic dual like this, I think it’s safe to say that we can expect at lot more from both of them in the years to come.


Line-up includes:

Flux Pavillion; Dash Berlin; Zeds Dead; Markeus Schulz; Adventure Club; Cazzette; Funtcase; Flosstradamus; Kazell; Darth & Vader; gemNeye; Bad Robotz; MK Ultra; Satoru; Sorted; Patrick Morgan; |ZERO|; Dunsker; Luis Valencia; Syl-o; Van Baümer; V3RSATILE; Midnite Panda; Krushmode and Sugar Kayne.


GA: $65

VIP Gold Package: $165

VIP Cabana Package: $2,200 for an 8 person private suite

Ages 16+

Tickets are available online at or by calling 1-877-725-8849. Tickets will be available at the gate, but are subject to availability.

(More details to come soon!)

– Kochie

Daft Punk’s Long Awaited Return

daft punk

After many rumors and speculations, today, finally some light was shed on the topic of the iconic French duo Daft Punk. This morning the French duo posted a picture on their website announcing their switch to Columbia following the announcement of their new album due to be released in the spring.

Are you ready for their long awaited return?

Has Live Nation Entertainment acquired Insomniac Events?

Electronic dance music has become a lucrative industry so it is no surprise that major corporations are now wanting a piece of the EDM pie. Last month, reports surfaced that companies like Live Nation Entertainment, SFX Entertainment, AEG Live and Red Light Management, were all bidding to buy anywhere from 50-100% of EDM giant, Insomniac Events. Sources are now claiming that Live Nation Entertainment may have actually acquired 51% ownership of Insomniac.

Insomniac Events, was founded 20 years ago by Pasquale Rotella, and is now reportedly valued somewhere between $70- $100 million. The company sold more than one million tickets last year to various events and their largest event, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, had more than 300,000 people in attendance during the three-day festival.

The possible sale of Insomniac will be the latest notch on Live Nation’s bedpost, which currently also includes Los Angeles Based Hard Events, and British promoter Cream Holdings, the promoter behind Creamfields, both of which were bought in 2012. Earlier this year, Live Nation also signed a 25-year contract with San Manuel Amphitheater to hold EDM events at the venue. Conveniently, Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland festival, which was previously held at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, will be held at San Manuel Amphitheater on March 16th.

Pasquale Rotella has spoken out against corporate deals in the past, including during a panel discussion at the EDMbiz Conference last June.

Representatives from the companies have yet to comment on the matter.

Tomorrowland US Dates And Location Leaked

After many rumors about Tomorrowland traveling to the U.S., is there finally some light on the matter? It appears so.

Yesterday, Tomorrowland made the announcement that the festival would expand out of Europe to an unknown destination through a video on YouTube. Now it appears that the festival will take place in Bouckaert Farm, the same place where CounterPoint was held last year. The grounds fit the proportions needed to hold this massive festival and its festival goers. 

The Festival will be taking place the 27th through the 29th of September, 20 minutes from Atlanta. Seems like i know where ill be that weekend.



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Tritonal To Release New 3 Song EP “Metamorphic I”

Tritonal are back with a life-inspired, 3 track EP entitled “Metamorphic I”–the first in a 3 EP series to be released throughout the year. With a little bit of something for everyone, the EP describes a journey to a place of darkness, giving some much needed depth to today’s dance music. I think everyone will relate to the personal meaning behind the lyrics.


“Our musical philosophy has always been about challenging ourselves and resisting expectations,” says Dave. “With the new EP, we wanted to display our growth as artists and take listeners on that journey with us.”

The new EP is due to release on March 25th under Enhanced featuring artists such as UK newcomer Mark Underdown and Meredith Call. The lead single off the EP, ‘Bullet That Saved Me,’ drops just in time for festival season on March 11 and showcases a fresh, heavy-hitting sound from Tritonal with the male vocals of UK newcomer Mark Underdown. Balancing out the radio-friendly, dance floor energy of ‘Bullet That Saved Me’ is ‘Bring Me Home’ featuring Meredith Call, a soothing lullaby complete with the sparkling melodies of a backup orchestra reminiscent of the pair’s trance roots. Fans will remember Meredith’s ethereal vocals from ‘Broken Down,’ a track off of Tritonal’s debut artist album Piercing The Quiet that entered into the top 5 on Beatport’s trance chart. Finally, Underdown reprises his vocal stylings on ‘Deep Into Black,’ a piano-driven chillout track with a deep lyrical subtext.

Metamorphic I is absolutely a personal record,” says Chad. “If you explore the song titles and lyrics, you’ll uncover the meaning of the EP as a whole. I think many listeners will relate to it.”

To listen to the preview of “Bullet That Saved Me” click here

1. Bring Me Home ft Meredith Call
2. Bullet That Saved Me ft Underdown
3. Deep Into Black ft Underdown

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From Egypt to Miami: Aly & Fila



On January 18th, 5 minutes before 2am, Fadi better known by his stage name Fila who’s one half of the legendary Egyptian trance duo Aly & Fila appears behind the decks and prepares to take the massive crowd that has gathered at the Trance Loft in Club Space Miami through a three hour journey consisting of nothing but the most pure trance sounds the world has got to offer, this is the moment we had all been waiting for!  The clock stroke 2am and it was go time, Aly & Fila hit play on the cdj’s and just at that moment massive amounts of energy were dispersed among the crowd and the Egyptian flag rose high up in the air! Their set kicked off with 30 minutes of powerful progressive tunes that made it nearly impossible to stay still, as time went by you could feel the BPMs rising & the melodies getting as emotional as they possibly could, I myself could not help but close my eyes & feel the music uplift my soul. The track selection was nothing short of amazing, from their classic ‘We Control The Sunlight’ to the current mind blowing tune praised by uplifting fans across the world ‘Photographer – Airport’.  The peak of the night hit two hours into the set when Fila dropped Giuseppe Ottaviani’s remix of ‘Paul van Dyk Ft. Plumb – I Don’t Deserve you’ and everyone in the crowd sang a long in perfect harmony. The beauty continued towards the end of their set when they dropped the Above & Beyond classic, ‘Satellite’ which transitioned to one of their biggest tunes yet, Aly & Fila’s uplifting mix of ‘Fireisland’. Aly & Fila definitely showed everyone who attended what trance music is all about, the beauty, the feelings it can arouse. It was one of the most magical nights I have ever experienced & it was all thanks to the hard working team at Committee Entertainment who made such an unforgettable experience possible! All in all I hope every trance music lover one day has the chance to experience Aly & Fila live like we all did last Friday night, it’s something someone should never pass on! 


So I just recently went over the amount of money that some Miami clubs are making, and it actually threw me off just a little bit. Some places that I though should be on the list, were not even there, and some clubs, for as much as they tout themselves, are so far down the list I almost missed them. So that brings me to today’s blog subject. Are we paying to much to go out to the club??? Here is the list of clubs, their rank and how much money they earned last year:
#5 LIV, Miami-$35-45 Million
#14 Mangos, Miami-$25-35 Million
#22 Clevelander, Miami $15-25 Million
#26 Mansion, Miami-$10-15 Million
#32 SET, Miami-$10-15 Million
#54 Wall, Miami-$10-15 Million
#65 Space, Miami-$5-10 Million (I KNOW I WAS SHOCKED TOO!)
#66 Passion-Hollywood-$5-10 Million
#68 Cameo, Miami- $5-10 Million
#78 Gryphon, Hollywood- $5-10 Million (again, SHOCKED)
#92 Dream, Miami-$5-10 Million
So here is the part that got me thinking. I go to a pretty known place called Chalk Miami, where for a few bucks, I can enjoy a nice cold beer, play pool or ping pong, and there is no cover charge to get in. They have this thing they do called FREE Bass and the crowd there, in my opinion, are the best people ever. They have had acts like DJ Icey, Baby Anne, and some serious legends of house play there, without compromise. So tell me big clubs, what is in it for me??? I mean, I know what’s in it for you. The people line up rain or shine, wait in a massive line, pay anywhere from 20.00-100.00 (more if the bouncer feels like it. What? You know they shake people down) then when you are in, you are pretty much forced to buy a high priced bottle that lasts you four drinks, the “High Society” people are walking around snubbing their nose at you, and now they apparently control how much time a DJ gets to play these days. So why do we get all dolled up and do this to ourselves each and every weekend??? Some say it is for the music, some say it is for the drugs, and some say it is knowing you will have a good time in spite of it all. Whatever it is, it will be interesting to see where this goes next year with places like Story, that just popped up, will be on the list…. And can I say that for the price we pay, would it kill some of these bouncers to NOT be so ignorant??? And clubs, switch up the music every now and again. You guys have gone into this “safe” mode, which means that returning artists are no longer a joy to see because many of them come and do the same damn set over, and over, and… well you get the hint. At the end of the day, there is a larger and larger population that are asking the question, is the price of admission worth it this weekend? And more people, not surprisingly are saying NO!!! They are opting to go to more low key places, like the before mentioned Chalk Miami, and get more bang for their buck… So get it together high priced, overstated clubs!!