Ultra Music Festival Approved For A Second Weekend

Our voices were heard and victory is ours, Ultra Music Festival will hold its second weekend as planned. After agreeing to pay $500,000 for Police, Fire and Rescue the city of Miami approved UMF to hold its second weekend.

“We appreciate the incredible support of the city of Miami Commission, Mayor, Bayfront Park Management Trust, and Fire and Police Departments, as together we have implemented a logistical plan that addresses everyone’s concerns, including those of local residents and businesses, allowing us to move forward and focus on producing the first rate, world class event ULTRA has become. We’re extremely excited about the double-weekend celebration that will take place at the world’s most beautiful event location, Bayfront Park & Biscayne Blvd, in the heart of the Magic City, Downtown Miami.” Ultra stated.

Not only has a plan been put together to make both weekends run smoothly for all in the area but UMF also promises a lineup of massive proportions.

“As we enter our 15th year, and approach a complete SELL OUT of all 330,000 available tickets, those of you lucky enough to attend can expect ULTRA’s strongest and most diverse lineup to date, with an unparalleled level of production never before seen at a festival of this magnitude. As has become our signature, ticket holders can expect a wide array of surprises, including the possibility of unannounced mega artist appearances!”

Like all of you, I cant wait for March! See you in Miami my fellow ravers!


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