Giuseppe Ottaviani WANTS YOU!

Are you or someone you know a producer struggling to get your music heard across the masses? If the answer is yes, world renowned trance dj & producer Giuseppe Ottaviani is doing something to help out talented aspiring producers get a bit of recognition. With the launch of Ottaviani’s new weekly radio show “Go On Air” he is introducing a section of the show appropriately named “Hot Or Not” in which amateur producers will get a chance to send in their demos which will later be played on the show


Listeners will than have a chance to vote & decide if they want the track to continue being played on future episodes of the radio show. It may not sound like much help but the reality is that this is the way a good amount of producers have received recognition due to the fact that many of the listeners are successful DJs themselves.

As one of the biggest parts of Paul Van Dyk’s record label “Vandit” it is in the producers best interest to impress Ottaviani, this might just be the gateway to kick start a successful career as an electronic music producer. It’s great that Ottaviani has decided to do this considering the fact that not many other djs are willing to do it mainly because of the time & work that comes with listening to every demo sent but Ottaviani has taken up the task & gone through with this noble cause.

For many lucky producers this will be the big break that they will need in order to blossom their career. In a time were electronic music is being produced left & right it’s hard to get your music out to creditable & respected djs but there’s not a doubt in my mind that this will greatly facilitate that struggle for many talented producers in dear need of their 15 minutes of fame. Tune in weekly to Go On Air & place close attention to Hot Or Not, who knows, you just might be listening to the worlds next great producer.

Send all your demos to and get ready to get those 15 minutes of fame!

By Leo


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