Excisions Execution Tour Ticket Giveaway

So we decided to do another one of our giveaways, this time for the Excision show in Pompano Beach featuring Vaski and Paper Diamond.

The contest is simple just click on the link and follow the rules!



Respect: Earned or Entitled?

A group of “seasoned” DJs and myself recently got into the oh so controversial topic of respect in the industry among the younger generation.

We all agreed that the scene is not what it used to be. There is the look of the ravers, which use to be halter tops and UFO pants to now bras and tutus. Then there is the sound. Back then Djs would beat match on vinyl, carrying their vinyl case from gig to gig to now DJs walking up with their laptops, or the new “norm” bringing a pre-recorded set, standing back while they high five their “entourage” and text while they “play” their set. But anyway, the conversation led to another topic.

Do today’s DJs have this sense of entitlement and where does it come from? The answer to that was a unanimous YES! A good friend of mine, Sleeper Cell Music had this to say. “Raving is not what it used to be. And like others, I know it will never be the same. Is it really supposed to be? No! The scene today was inherited not earned. Today’s ravers are like a spoiled trust fund baby that you want to slap. They have no respect for the music and the scene the way “first and second generation” ravers did. The trust fund ravers didn’t help the scene mature and grow like the vets.

Another friend had this to say: “Everyone who wants to, deserves to have their “newbie” raver phase because where would we be if no one was ever new to the scene?”       

I have to say, I agree with both sides. On the one hand yes, us “OG’S” have helped pave the way for the younger generation. And yes, they should show respect for the people that have done this. I cannot express enough how it irks me to see some fresh faces come in with decks that mom and dad payed for, didn’t do anything to create a name for themselves but got a hot slot because they know someone who knows someone who knows the owner of the club, play sub par but hey they have the “in” while the people who sweat blood and tears have it hard. But on the other hand, we wouldn’t have a lot of the new sounds that we have today either if it wasn’t for those same fresh faces.

The “newbies” have brought a fresh new vibe and sound to the scene and for the most part, aside from the emergence of “diva” DJs, have shown a true love and passion for the music. At the end of the day, in the famous words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?


Excisions New Toy, “The Executioner”

It’s safe to say that Excision has outdone himself with this stage. “The Executioner”, a behemoth of a production piece and a true breakthrough in the world of video mapping technology, will daze and amaze all those caught in its path. After a year in the making this 28 foot wide, 15 foot tall video mapped monster that displays a proud 420 square feet of world class true 3D video mapped animations will surely “melt” some faces during the tour.

Not only does Excision bring this monster stage but as promised he’ll be bringing down the house with 100,000 watts of sound along with Vaski and Paper Diamonds. If there’s a show that you need to attend, this one should definitely be the one to go to. What stop on the tour will you attend?

Winter Music Conference Parties Coming Out Of the Woodwork

March is quickly approaching and WMC parties are starting to come out of the woodwork. Two events that are already announced, and with heavy lineups, are Juicy Beach and HARD Miami.

Want to have some “classy” fun in the sun? Check out Juicy Beach at the world famous Nikki Beach on March 21st with heavy hitters such as Robbie Rivera, Bob Sinclar, Cosmic Gate, Moguai and more.

To purchase Juicy Beach tickets click here.


Another one of the events already announced is HARD Miami at Grand Central on March 20th & 21st. This two day bass filled event will be featuring acts such as Borgore, RL Grime, UZ, Nadastrom, Brodinski, Claude Vanstroke and more.

To purchase Hard Miami tickets click here


Tickets for both events are already on sale and i highly suggest buying them as soon as possible, both events are in high demand. Which one will you attend?

We will be updating you as more parties are announced!

Tomorrowland Goes Global!

Every American raver’s dream has just come true, Tomorrowland will go global so expect a U.S. appearance sometime in the future.


The organizers behind Tomorrowland, brothers Manu and Michael Beers, are looking to spread their popular festival to every continent. “It’s like building a city for three days on one place which has a great influence on the experience. With Restaurants, bakeries and burger business. Every detail, from the napkins to the operation counts. Tomorrowland has a high reputation to live up to and it’s a damn difficult job. We want to do well, so we do not want to have any deadlines yet.”

I don’t know about you but I remember their live broadcast last year and being amazed by the sheer magnitude of this event, I can’t wait to see when and where it will come to the U.S.

PLUR News Wants YOU!

We here at PLUR News want to expand our family and give the opportunity to others to be heard! 



If you have a passionate love for EDM and are a very opinionated person we want to hear from you! Send us a brief article(EDM related) along with a brief bio on your self with your contact info and if we think you have what it takes we will welcome you with open arms to the family!

Send all inquires to plurnews@gmail.com with the subject “blogger” and please, only serious inquires!

Ultra Music Festival Approved For A Second Weekend

Our voices were heard and victory is ours, Ultra Music Festival will hold its second weekend as planned. After agreeing to pay $500,000 for Police, Fire and Rescue the city of Miami approved UMF to hold its second weekend.

“We appreciate the incredible support of the city of Miami Commission, Mayor, Bayfront Park Management Trust, and Fire and Police Departments, as together we have implemented a logistical plan that addresses everyone’s concerns, including those of local residents and businesses, allowing us to move forward and focus on producing the first rate, world class event ULTRA has become. We’re extremely excited about the double-weekend celebration that will take place at the world’s most beautiful event location, Bayfront Park & Biscayne Blvd, in the heart of the Magic City, Downtown Miami.” Ultra stated.

Not only has a plan been put together to make both weekends run smoothly for all in the area but UMF also promises a lineup of massive proportions.

“As we enter our 15th year, and approach a complete SELL OUT of all 330,000 available tickets, those of you lucky enough to attend can expect ULTRA’s strongest and most diverse lineup to date, with an unparalleled level of production never before seen at a festival of this magnitude. As has become our signature, ticket holders can expect a wide array of surprises, including the possibility of unannounced mega artist appearances!”

Like all of you, I cant wait for March! See you in Miami my fellow ravers!

Insomniac Founder Announces New Hard Dance Project “Basscon”

Finally a promotional company takes an interest in Hard Dance right here in the states and whom other than Insomniac to take on such a task. Insomniac founder, Pasquale Rotella, announced that they’re putting the final touches on a new project called “Basscon”, a sister company of “Bassrush” that will focus on everything Hard Dance.

“Basscon will have dedicated stages at some Insomniac festivals and will produce hard dance one-off festivals and events as well. Including a Bassrush Vs Basscon two stage show!”


I’ve been waiting for the day where a major promotional company in the states starts a brand dedicated to Hard Dance on a massive scale like this one. I’m personally a HardStyle lover my self and have high hopes for this new brand. I can’t wait to see what Basscon has to offer.

EDC Las Vegas Tickets On Sale Today

EDC* returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for its 17th annual celebration. The wait is over and tickets are on sale TODAY (Click here to buy tickets). Last year EDCLV* claimed the title of North America’s largest music festival reaching an attendance of a whopping 115,000 festival goers in a single night.


Layaway plans, Hotel options* and Shuttles* are made available for all fans again this year easing the process we all go through when we travel for an event like this.

Don’t forget to check out the announcement videohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NfwVEI6sVf0

Don’t be a fool and get your tickets today, this event promises to sell out in record time.